Neuromodulation for COVID-19 update 3: Open trials for Long-Covid

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Below is the third update (Nov 2021) on the use of Neuromodulation for COVID-19 as part of Neuromodec’s initiative to educate on and advance treatments.

The following trials are currently recruiting

  1. NYU Langone Medical Center: Intent-to-treat trials and treatments combining transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, digital therapy, and other home-based therapy for disorders including multiple sclerosis (MS), movement disorders, and recovery from stroke, and as treatment for depression and fatigue, and recovery following a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection. More general information on the NYU Langone program here and specific information on the depression trial here. Open to subjects across the US.
  2. “Taking Back Life” trial at the Veterans Affairs VA Palo Alto Health Care System (Palo Alto VAHCS) and MRI Center at Stanford. Integrated therapy, digital therapy, and transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). More information here.
  3. University of Iowa: The objective of this study is to investigate the short- and long-term effects of multiple sessions of 4 mA transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on fatigue and brain activity in recovered COVID-19 patients, testing if tDCS will improve fatigue short- and long-term, and thus will improve quality of life (QOL) in recovered COVID-19 patients. More information here.

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