The planned 4-day-program format includes 27.5 CME-accredited hours, 5 to 8 hours/day

Mon: 12noon-5:00pm (ET)
Tue: 9am-5:00pm (ET)
Wed: 9am-4:30pm (ET)
Thurs: 9am-3:30pm (ET)

This format allows for optional individual program on Tue-Fri from 4pm, including scientific, educational and social events available at the CUNY and/or the MJHS Institute, based on a local Event Calendar (TBD) for each institution. Examples of events include: Guest Lectures, Equipment Demonstrations, Clinical Case Discussions.

Day 1: April 17, 2023
Unit I: Theory and Design

Module 1: tDCS – Principles and mechanisms of tDCS in humans and animals

Module 3: Stimulation parameters and protocols

Module 2: Targeted outcomes  

Day 2: April 18, 2023

Module 4: Electrodes/montages

Module 5: Safety            

Unit II: Implementation & practical exercises

Station 1: Electrode Measurement Procedures 45 min 

Station 2: Electrode Preparation and Placement 45 min          

Station 3: Conventional tDCS Devices 30 min              

Station 4: HD-tDCS Devices 30 min          

Unit III: Clinical and research trial design              

Module 6: Patient/Subject Selection       

Day 3: April 19, 2023

Module 7: Clinical Trial and Research Study Design

Module 8: Outcomes and Practical Considerations

Module 9: IRBs and Code of Federal Regulations

Module 10: Professional Standards and Good Practices

Unit IV: Multimodal tDCS

Module 11: tDCS and Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Spectroscopy

tDCS course Practical exercises skills practice

Station 1: Electrode Measurement Procedures

Station 2: Electrode Preparation and Placement

Station 3: Conventional tDCS Devices

Station 4: HD-tDCS Devices

Day 4: April 20, 2023

Module 12: tDCS and Electrophysiology

Unit V: Computational Modeling of tDCS Current

Module 13: Modeling tDCS Current in the Human Brain (includes also tDCS modeling software)

Unit VI: Home-delivered Remotely Supervised tDCS Helena Knotkova

Module 14: Concepts and Protocols

Module 15: Feasibility elements, Patient selection, Compliance and Training