New York City transcranial direct current stimulation fellowship: Advanced Hands-on training and certification

This fellowship is an intensive, five-day program designed to provide comprehensive theoretical background and practical experience necessary to acquire the knowledge and skills for tDCS protocol design and application.

The fellowship is endorsed by the City College of New York, MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care, and University of Florida.

The NYC tDCS Fellowship distinguishes itself from other tDCS educational initiatives by offering extensive hands-on experience and in-depth-learning approach, including interactive lectures, facilitated discussion, demonstrations, hands-on step-by-step exercises, individual projects, and final theoretical test and practical exam.

The Fellowship utilizes versatile educational elements from basic to expert level. It is expected that even individuals highly experienced in tDCS will benefit from the advanced and comprehensive training in state-of-the-art techniques.

The NYC tDCS Fellowship provides the only comprehensive tDCS course in the US. The Fellowship focuses on building competencies in the following areas: principles and mechanisms of tDCS, electrode preparation and montages, stimulation parameters, protocols and targeted outcomes; safety; tDCS current modeling and dose determination; good practices in tDCS delivery; clinical and research trial design, tDCS protocol design and implementation in research/clinical trials; with specific methodologic considerations for HD-tDCS and conventional tDCS in institutional and home-based settings.

Education and training will be provided by a seasoned highly experienced team. Ideal candidates for the Fellowship are absolvents of graduate and postgraduate programs in related disciplines (medicine, bioengineering, neuroscience, nursing) and/or individuals involved in tDCS research/clinical trials and treatment. Previous practical experience with tDCS not required but preferred.

The Fellowship promotes expertise in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation.

Apply today Via Email

Applications are accepted for consideration on a rolling basis until fellowship positions have been filled. For more information please contact us at Application via email should include the following:

  1. Name, contact information, degrees completed or current enrollment
  2. Current affiliations including name of supervisor or collaborators as relevant to tDCS (in body of e-mail)
  3. Description of experience and/or plans for tDCS, less than 150 words (in body of e-mail)
  4. Complete CV (as attachment);
  5. Optional: please include any questions you have about course content and any specific requests for material to be covered.
  6. Email the info above to:

Fellowship Cost:

  • Cost: $2100. Participants who are accepted to the program will be provided with instructions for payment within 2 weeks of acceptance. Space is limited. Payment must be received before March 5, 2023 or admission may be receded.
  • Early registration is $1900 for participants who apply by January 1, 2023 - subject to space availability. For early registration rate to apply, applicants notified of acceptance must submit their registration payment to be received before January 1, 2023, without exception. Please apply as early as possible to ensure your place.
  • Cost cover only attendance of the fellowship, supplies used during the fellowship, and light refreshments. All flight and local travel, hotel, meal and other expenses are not included in this cost and participants are required to make their own plans and accommodations.

Risk Free Cancellation Policy

  • The tDCS Fellowship is subject to the regulations set by the government and host institution regarding COVID-19 safety. According to these current policies, attendees are required to be vaccinated or have recent proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular (PCR) test. Masks are optional for vaccinated attendees. To access the conference venue on the City College of New York campus you must follow the “Guest/Visitor” guidelines
  • Note: You must self-register prior to accessing the space here. This is a simple process but let us know if you any any concerns prior to attending by contact the course directors.
  • Individuals who are infectious with COVID cannot attend the tDCS Fellowship and will receive a refund upon providing evidence of a positive test. Our policy is an abundance of caution so if you are not sure if you should isolate (not attend the tDCS Fellowship) please contact the course instructors. If you are experiencing general symptoms (COVID or otherwise) and are concerned about being infectious, please contact the course directors to discuss.
  • If you are unable to reach the conference venue (on time or at all) due to travel delays or issues of any kind, we cannot provide a refund. It is your responsibility to allow enough time for travel (e.g. early arrival). The conference directors are not responsible for supporting or arranging travel or housing arrangements, but if you have questions please let us know.
  • No part of the tDCS Fellowship is available online, recored, or by remote access.

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