Poster Instructions

Each accepted abstract is expected to produce a traditional poster for display. Posters should be attended by an author during conference breaks on your poster day.
When you arrive at the conference at the designated time to post your poster, conference staff will be in attendance to guide you to your assigned physical poster board. Please ensure you are present for the allotted poster placement period. If you have not received an email confirming your poster number, please contact us asap at

Maximum Poster Size: 34'' (width) x 48'' (high)

Please note: These dimensions are the maximum allowed, posters larger than the above will not fit in the panel and therefore may not be displayed.

To clarify, so long as your dimensions are less than the ones indicated above, your poster will fit on the provided poster board. Any attendees who arrive with poster dimensions exceeding these maximum limits (e.g. a poster wider than 34” wide) will not be allowed to post their poster under any conditions (because doing so would disrespect the presenters to their sides) and the Abstract will be withdrawn.

Setup: Posters will be available for viewing in one of two separate day sessions. Session A will take place on Saturday, July 30 and session B will take place on Sunday, July 31. Pushpins to hang posters will be provided by the conference.

Style: There are no strict instructions on poster style and attendees are expected to use established professional standards in designing their poster, including a large poster title at the top of the poster with all authors listed. Posters are expected to reflect the content of the abstract at submission but there is no restriction on including any additional materials. There is no support for “smart” posters or special A/V.

The poster sessions are at the heart of the conference, figuratively and physically. The poster session space is central to the conference venue, surrounded by exhibitors, refreshment stations, and where all conference traffic and networking flows. Therefore, attendees will be in the poster area during all breaks (coffee, lunch, end of day networking). Rather than require poster presenters to attend their posters during all breaks, we expect poster presenters to be active participants in the conference so anyways present during these breaks - and keeping tabs on interest in their posters. This format has proven successful in our past conferences in maximizing interactions at posters.

Display: You must post your poster before the conference opening lectures and not remove them until the last networking session of the day. Posters must remain on display until the end of the day they’re scheduled for.Session A posters should be removed by presenters only between 6:30-7:00 PM on July 30th. Session A Posters not removed at this time will be removed by conference staff, and will be available for pick up at the Registration Desk only on Sunday, July 31. Session B posters should be removed only between 6:30-7:00 PM on July 31. Any posters from either session not picked up or removed by July 31 at 7:00 PM may be removed and discarded by conference staff. We remind all attendees there is no poster session on July 29th and the conference has no capability to store posters on site outside of poster presentation time (e.g do not come with your poster on July 29th expecting the conference to store it for you).

If you become aware of any errors in you Abstract posting or if you have changes that are unavoidable, please email us

The conference is committed to accessibility for all meeting events. Should any individual need assistance or have questions about accessibility, please let the conference organizers know (

For abstracts selected for an oral highlight, we'll be posting instructions about format soon.

In addition to your physical poster, the conference will promote your Abstract through the public online website. You should see your Abstract listed here already. Online promotion includes a dedicated, citable (Google Scholar indexed), permanent web page for each Abstract. All acceptant Abstract presenters will receive additional instructions by email on supporting this online process.