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Brain Stimulation Journal Club - Advances in Neuromodulation for Motor Plasticity


November 17, 2021 | 10 AM (ET)


The Brain stimulation journal will be having a monthly journal club on recently published work on the journal to initiate discussion on important topics in the field. This month, the journal club will be taking place on Wednesday, Nov 17th, at 10 AM ET. The event is free and on zoom but needs registration.

The October journal club theme will be on Advances in Neuromodulation for Motor Plasticity. The outline of the meeting is as follows:

Opening remarks: Mark George, Editor in chief of Brain Stimulation Journal, Marom Bikson, Deputy Editor of Brain Stimulation Journal


Ellen Sutten, University of Minnesota


Sara Hussain, University of Texas at Austin
Phase-dependent offline enhancement of human motor memory

Matthew Weightman, University of Birmingham
Targeted tDCS selectively improves motor adaptation with th promixal and distal upper limb

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