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Soterix Medical home tDCS / tES webinar


Tuesday, November 16, 2021 | 12 PM (ET)


Soterix Medical developed the first home tDCS / tES system for remote supervised use. The REMOTE system includes devices, accessories, and software that have been uniquely developed to reduce use error, increase robustness, and compliance. The solution has since been validated for deployed use across several populations. This webinar will introduce the concept, explain elements that are essential to help you plan your REMOTE neuromodulation session, and provide an update on use in trials world-wide.

The webinar will include:
Introduction to Soterix Medical supervised REMOTE Neuromodulation - 30 mins
Demo of ElectraRx portal: A unique portal to keep track of stimulation sessions anytime and anywhere - 10 mins
Update on ongoing studies and latest developments - 10 mins
Q&A - 10 mins, All

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